Flowers For You, by Diana

Return/Refund Policy

If the product is damaged during delivery, the damaged product will be replaced by the merchant.

If damage occurs to the product after the delivery has been made, the purchase of the product is non-refundable.

Customers are encouraged to properly care for their cut flowers, and plants.  Proper care includes recutting the stems and changing the vase water for cut flowers,every two days.  Also, adding flower preservative accordingly.  Floral foam needs to be kept moist.  If the cut flowers are in a floral foam and are in a very hot and dry environment, the foam will need to be watered more often, so not  to dry out. 

Regarding plants, they are not to be overwatered, as overwatering leads to stem rot, root flies, and disease.  If plant disease is caught early it may be treated with special soaps and solutions found at garden centers.  If possible, drain excess water from plants after watering them.

All returns and refunds are at the discretion of the merchant.

Customers are encouraged to contact the merchant with any issues regarding their purchased product.